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Cultivation & evolution

cultivation & evolution

Weed and hemp come from the same species (Cannabis sativa L.), but they are not the same!

Weed contains the psycho active part (THC) and is used to get high.

In hemp, THC is certainly present otherwise CBD would not work but the amount is so small that it is impossible to get high.


The species was first described by Carl Linnaeus. He assumed at the time that only one variety of cannabis existed. By now we know that there are three different subspecies: sativa, indica and ruderalis.

From hemp we make other products. Consider:

Rope, Paper, Clothing, Houses Etc etc etc

cultivation & evolution

We move on to hemp and zoom in on the grower.

This man has over 30 years of experience. He conducts scientific research and has spent 14 years tinkering with the plant that we now market exclusively under the name Larelot.

Propagation of the plant is by cutting – also called cloning. Were you to use seeds, the result would not be stable.

Optimization has created a plant that has tremendous resistance to fungi, bugs, and other pathogens.

Like its ancestors, this plant is resistant to cold, drought.

Then when you have such a premium product in your hands, you have to proceed quietly and carefully to preserve all those properties

Fermentation of the dried product is actually not encountered by any grower or producer.


It must be fast and cheap

Instead, if you let the fermentation proceed slowly and for a long time, cannabinoids are created! And that’s what we were after.

It is impractical to specify them all, discoveries are made every day and now the list has more than 500 described substances but there are many more.

Then we are going to initiate the extraction.

Everyone knows that you can distill with alcohol.

However, this method uses a lot of heat, which results in the loss of valuable substances. Just think about cooking vegetables. With the casting, you throw away more than 40% of the valuable substances of such a broccoli.

That’s a shame and something we want to avoid.

Our grower has refined cold extraction, which is why our product is so effective

CBGA is one of the first cannabidiols formed in the plant.
Our grower managed not only to preserve that raw material but also to convert it to CBDA.
A substance that one of the most prominent pioneers on Cannabis research has discovered to be as much as 1000x more powerful in binding with the serotonin receptro and thus our oil has even more influence/action on various biological and neurological processes in the body.


Hempiness maandverband en tampons.