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About us

Holland House of Hemp

Holland House of Hemp

Rest, rust and that certainly applies to me

I have been sitting back for over 2.5 years now and have seen it. Time to do something again!

My background is what you can call quite broad. Diplomas are not to be expected from me but at the school of life I was at the front! I took in everything to the fullest and still do. In terms of (work) experience, network marketing runs like a thread through the CV. One company a little bigger and a little longer and the other shorter and smaller. All have taught me what I hope to put into action for you now!

History and experience

The road to HHoH

I started the first MLM company in 1991. In total, I worked there for 3 years and successfully expanded to 8000 consultants. In 1994, I was offered the position of managing director of Nico cosmetics. That was an MLM organisation that had to be built from scratch. After two years, the organisation was standing and turning over a million guilders. To this day, this organisation still exists. In the years that followed, I worked in commercial positions in various companies with a small foray into financial services. Then I stopped working for an employer and started my own solar panel business.

In 2014, my partner joined the company and I scaled down my operations. Now that I had the time again, I went after my heart and back into network marketing. In total, I have worked for 3 and built organisations of over 10,000 distributors.


We're just getting started

In 2021, I sold the business. But as I mentioned at the beginning: rest, rust! I love working with people. Their success is my success! When I came across this super beautiful and fun project, I couldn’t help but follow my gut feeling and I’m going to take up my hobby again – will you join me?

My duties within Holland House of Hemp will include supervising the employees, providing training both in groups and personally, all commercial activities, learning how to conduct Zoom calls and 1-on-1 successful development of the organisation/your own consultants. I am coming to the Netherlands for that and some of you have already been to Valencia for a multi-day training. This one is also scheduled this time – make sure you are there!

Thank you very much for your attention and good luck!

Our team of toppers

Signed by Jim

Residence: Benifato / Alicante

Specialties: networker, ( start-up ) coach & consultant.

Find it cool to work out sustainable formulas and concepts and to be able to realise and contribute something special with this.

Why HHOH? The product is of exceptional quality and has more than proven itself within our family!

2 dogs and one rabbit were completely cured of their problems with a few weeks:

  1. Burn on which hair has started to grow back.
  2. Bedsore on hind leg ( with subcutaneous abscess ) is also gone
  3. After tussle between rabbits one loose lip. 1x CBD cream applied and is now 100% healed and recovered.
We are in the process of creating a retreat where we want all different empowering products & services to come together. HHOH's 100% organic CBD products complement this wonderfully. We have been working with essential oils for years, know the power of these by now. CBD from HHOH will be a very nice addition to the complete spectrum of services and products we offer and will offer in the near future

Jiska Wind

Residence: Javea / Alicante

Specialiteiten: Wellness Coach, Orthomoleculair therapeut, Detox consulent en Product trainer.

I am an empathetic and spontaneous person, love the sun, sea and enjoy good and pure food.

I will help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle and teach you how to reduce your daily stress, renew your energy and spirit!

Chantal Vriezelaar

I am Chantal Vriezelaar from Weert (NL), Owner of Empowered Lifetyle - Holistic Coaching, Healing and Training I had heard good things about the effects of CBD and just wanted to delve into it. Within weeks, this suddenly came my way. I asked myself; 'What makes this different from all the others'.

It soon became clear what makes this product so unique. I felt the passion, the care in the choices to start producing only the best. I did not hesitate for a moment to test it.

Ineke Roetert

My name is Ineke Roetert, I live in Nieuwleusen and have my business/practice in Dalfsen. I have run a riding school since 1991 and have been immersing myself in alternative medicine since the beginning. Herbal medicine, homeopathy, treatments and, measurements using the connection sensor and lecher antenna, frequencies, sound. I am trained in Journey work by Brandon Bays, Siberian and Mongolian shamanism, (Children's) coaching with horses at Keulseweg, and at Caprilli, coaching from the nervous system and heart coherence at Heart Focus. Intuitive massage. Trauma sensitive basic training, EMDR, psycosial therapist with IKEV, and intuitive systemic work with Hylke Bonnema. I am an open and honest person, with a free spirit, I give space and bedding in the other person's process.

Marcia de Roy

Residence: Helmond
Specialties: Skin care and coaching on stress and burnout.

Gerrie Heijmans

Residence: Mombasa / Kenya

Specialities: builder, builder and more builder. There is nothing stopping this man. If he has a goal it will get there. He has already built and made successful several schools in Kenya. He works with the people so they can earn their own income.

We need to get back to basics and that is Mother Nature. This product works. Having known the people behind it for more than 30 years, this is where I have confidence.

Yvonne Meijer

Residence: Utrecht

Specialties: I have a massage practice at home. It is important to me to treat my clients with good and pure oil. I therefore also use pure essential oils in my massages. This also applies to carrier oils.

Certainly not always cheap but if I don’t want to use it on my skin myself then my clients won’t get it either.
That is also why I chose the HHOH

Why HHoH?
I have been working on getting healthier through life for a while now.
Pills are therefore beyond me.
It is not always easy to find good pure ‘stuff’. But this is a pure oil. Even the seed is a primal seed and we must have it.
Een olie die niet is bewerkt, door er allerlei nare stoffen toe te voegen en daardoor datgene doet wat het moet doen en wat wordt beloofd.
In my practice, therefore, this will be for sale as I am convinced it will help many clients.

Johan Laarberg

Residence: Valencia / Spain

Specialties: networker, connector, bridge builder, honest. How much fun it is to be able to work with people!

Why HHOH? From personal experience and the moment was just there.

I could get very excited about it but this is it. I ran across a top product and want to share it. Not just through a webshop, no with super good people around me!

Meleke Keskin

Residence: Lommel (Belgium)

Specialities: Psychotherapist Why I chose HHOH? I work with children diagnosed (or suspected) with autism, adhd. I have seen that this product can do wonders for hyperactivity, concentration disorders.

Miroslav Jager

Miroslav Jager is a naturopath and has a practice in Voorschoten . He did a 5-year HBO course in naturopathy in Arnhem. Using the Life System and Core system, we look at what is both out of balance on a physical, emotional or mental level and what can bring it back into balance. By the way, Miroslav also treats athletes and gives (sports) massages. He further studied the relationship between gut and brain. With supplement nutrition and, recently, cbda, complaints such as irritable bowel syndrome, digestive discomfort and mild depression can be treated.

Miroslav has experience with:
Hormone-related complaints
Mood swings
Intestinal complaints
Muscle and joint complaints

Miroslav Jager
Whatsapp +31611351253

Super fast delivery, nicely packaged. I will work on it and let you know what I experience!

Ede (GLD)

Have been taking 3 x 3-daily drops of Holland House of Hemp's M CBDA oil for a week and a half now and notice a definite difference. I have energy again, my joints are less painful. I actually see it all a lot more positively. HHoH thank you!!!!



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