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CBDA for adult based 10%


In advance

You as a user and we as a distributor both benefit from the proper use of the products. Therefore, please read these operating instructions carefully.

Instructions for use CBD oil
We recommend storing the oil dark. Because of its purity, the bottle does not need to be shaken.

All our packaging materials are pre-disinfected using nanotechnology.

Do not store CBD oil in the fridge but at room temperature.

NEVER heat our product!

After opening the bottle, our product can still be used for at least 2 years.

Our bottles feature a handy dropper. You can dose and administer the product on the back of your hand.

You may swallow the dosage immediately – you are dealing with a top quality product.

If you have trouble with the taste, we recommend adding a pinch of stevia powder.

CBD products are different

Different percentages apply to animals and children than to humans.

Don’t mix the two!

Are you using CBD for the first time? Then it takes some searching and tinkering for the right dosage. We generally recommend starting with 3 drops, 2 to 3 times daily. According to the result, you can adjust the dosage.

There are users who notice an immediate effect but there are also users who need to maintain the base dose for longer before any effect occurs.

CBD oil can also be applied to the skin. For this, always test a small amount on the skin before using.


Preferably use CBD oil three times daily (at breakfast, at lunch and before bed). If this is not convenient in terms of time, you can also choose to take the CBD drops twice daily (morning and evening).

RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance)

As mentioned earlier, the most appropriate CBD dose is different for every human and animal. To avoid underdosing, a recommended daily allowance of CBD has been established. The recommended daily intake of CBD for humans is about 30 mg per day.

The recommended daily allowance, as mentioned, is about 30 mg. The recommended daily allowance, as mentioned, is about 30 mg.

Do not expose the bottle of CBD oil to sunlight. Clean the threads of the bottle regularly. After opening the bottle of CBD oil, it will keep for about 1 year.

Test results and analysis reports

Enjoying this high quality product safely is very important. We are in daily contact with the grower and have CBD oils tested with regularly. We verify this by requesting test results and analysis reports. Results below:

If you still have questions after reading this manual, you can contact us at any time via info@hollandhouseofhemp.nl.

If in doubt about the use of CBDA, consult your doctor first. Do not use during pregnancy or lactation. The information in these instructions for use is for information only and does not replace the advice of a doctor or pharmacist.