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cbd crystals

About the Magic Term: CBD crystals We are often asked what crystals are and how good they are. In itself, CBD crystals are not bad and there are no bad products that have crystals at their base but … we would like to show you the differences. As you are used to by now, we […]

Holland Hous of Hemp - Gebruiksaanwijzing CBD olie

Instructions for use CBD Oil

In advance You as a user and we as a distributor both benefit from the proper use of the products. Therefore, please read these operating instructions carefully. Instructions for use CBD oil We recommend storing the oil dark. Because of its purity, the bottle does not need to be shaken. All our packaging materials are […]

Holland House of Hemp - Teelt & Evolutie

Cultivation & evolution

Weed and hemp come from the same species (Cannabis sativa L.), but they are not the same! Weed contains the psycho active part (THC) and is used to get high. In hemp, THC is certainly present otherwise CBD would not work but the amount is so small that it is impossible to get high. CANNABIS […]

Vergelijking Stichting Medicinale Olie steunt CBDA van HHoH

La Comparison Medicinal Oil Foundation apoya la CBDA de HHoH

Johan Laarberg, founder and owner of Holland House of Hemp describes how he came to the decision to want to share his personal experiences with CBDA oil with humanity. Over 6 months ago, I embarked on the Holland House of Hemp adventure. I don’t believe in coincidences, and when I look back on the path […]


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