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cbd crystals

About the Magic Term: CBD crystals

We are often asked what crystals are and how good they are.

In itself, CBD crystals are not bad and there are no bad products that have crystals at their base but … we would like to show you the differences.

As you are used to by now, we bring to light points and give you the information you need to make a good decision. Holland House of Hemp does not issue medical advice and markets its products as a dietary supplement.

Once upon a time…

Mother Nature often knows best. Plants grow in places that suit them best and the composition is complete.

Medical science 9 times out of 10 zooms in on 1 part of the total offered by nature. Consider the substance salicylic acid, which is originally found in the bark of the willow tree and from which the industry has managed to make the well-known aspirin. Going back to salicylic acid again for a moment, we see that that substance is part of a larger group. aThe action of salicylic acid has certainly been demonstrated but the fact that there are more substances on offer that all have a function in their own right is not something we can simply skip over. We will park this fact for a moment and come back to it later.

Then a second fun fact offered by Mother Nature. Het gewas kiest namelijk zelf uit waar ze zich het beste thuisvoelt. In the case of the cannabis plant, it is in higher elevations. Originally found in the Hindu Kush Mountains, it is known as a super strong plant that resists fungi and other threats well.

Dissecting that plant, we now know that there are 500 to 1,000 components. That total offering has a reason, and like puzzle pieces, the components work together. There are numerous experiments at hand on the Internet that support this claim.


Science publishes articles showing the positive effects of cannabis/CBD/CBDA etc etc on a very regular basis. However registering is tricky for her because how do you register a product if you don’t know how to name all the active ingredients? So as a pure medicine it is difficult to register and hence very few cannabis-based medicines can be found.

Meanwhile, the production of drugs based on pure CBD crystals – possibly enriched with terpenes and other crystals – is underway, and supply is growing.

Therefore, in order to provide proper education without giving medical advice, it is important to know about different products and production methods.

So we have already discussed the location and characteristics of the overall plant. Now the plant is offered to the factory or some other institution that will make sure that a finished product eventually comes out of it. In our previous publications, we already told about the extraction, or distillation, of the product. You can do that in several ways. Through CO2 extraction, decarboxylation and also in a cold way.

Just over seven years ago, the first CBD crystals hit the market. The crystals were unprecedentedly pure, up to 99.9% with 0.000% THC. At first, they saw merit in this. How nice it is to offer a product without THC because that is still the stumbling block in conversations every time. Kopers hebben bedenkingen bij THC. But again, we should still briefly point out that this very substance, among others, leads to the proper functioning of CBD.

Using a crystal-based product is not easy. One really needs to know the dosage exactly for somewhat results. And then with emphasis on somewhat. Indeed, the maximization of crystals is reached quite quickly. In fact, with a lower dose, the active effect is totally lacking. So the right dosage is very important when using crystals and if you want to know more about this we recommend entering the search term Bell-Curve.

So our preference is cold extraction. It is also very simple to substantiate that preference. Zodra het product te snel en te heet wordt verwerkt, verliest het namelijk veel van de werkzame stoffen. Analyze the product CBD crystals and the result is that as many as 500 less active substances such as terpenes, flavanoids, cannabidoids etc, are found. In this area, we have science on our hands and we would like to refer to the publications on the entourage effect which is researched and demonstrated by scientists.

Every step in the entire process of location, plant, harvest, fermentation and extraction affects the final product and its effect on the human body. The closer we can stay to the original product, the better the effect on the body. A great example is cooking vegetables. If one heats vegetables too much and too long, the building blocks offered by the original product really are not retained.

In previous publications of ours, we already drew on that solid foundation provided by the Larelot. This plant has evolved over the years so that its THC content is low. Combine that fact with a gentle and long extraction and pure cannabidiol in the form of CBD is the result. Other products simply do not have this base and will have to dilute their distillate to bring down the THC content, for example, because of the legal standard.

This article is purely informational and in no way intended as medical advice. We always recommend that you consult a physician.


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